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St. Lawrence Gap Barbados

 T he well known ST LAWRENCE GAP (a.k.a. “The Gap”) is located on the lively south coast of Barbados 5 minutes away from Melrose Beach Apartments; it is known to be the main center of Nightlife on the island. The Gap is also the best choice for Barbados Party Life, including Restaurants and Bars.

As a favorite Night Spot for both locals and visitors alike, The Gap boast having the best entertainment on the island, featuring some of the most popular entertainers, live bands and musicians Barbados has to offer.

Lining the popular St Lawrence Gap are many restaurants, bars and nightclubs with a variety of entertainment, cuisines party themes.

The St Lawrence Gap Strip is about 1.5 km long it is divided into two sections, the west end which has most of the activity, and the east end which is not as lively and focuses more on accommodations.

The Gap mainly caters to a mature audience, teens or the young at heart, providing some activities and entertainment for the entire family.

Music and Entertainment in The Gap can vary from Top 40 Music and Back-in-time 70’s – 90’s to Slots, Karaoke, Jazz nights, Latin Nights and many other themes.

In recent years the St Lawrence Gap was upgraded and now features a repaved road, wider sidewalks, decorative street lighting, more security features, a beach at one end with lots of facilities and amenities, and another beach at the entrance with a romantic boardwalk to enjoy the sunsets or starry nights.
St Lawrence Gap
Barbados’ No. 1 Spot for the Best Nightlife on the island!!!


During the day there are some day activities and things to do for both the young and old.

  • Breakfast or Lunch at one of the restaurants
  • Drinks or cocktails at a bar or rum shop (beachfront or in the gap)
  • Souvenir shopping at the sidewalk vendors or kiosk in the gap (clothing, jewelry, etc…)
  • Beaches to visit for a swimming, sun tanning and or even enjoyable watersports

Day Recreation in The Gap

  • Live sports on TV
  • Watersports (Snorkeling, boogie boarding, scuba diving, jet skiing, wind surfing & sailing)
  • Sports (cricket, basketball, soccer, road tennis, volleyball and hockey)
  • Other recreational activities (Darts, pool, slots)

Day Amenities in The Gap

  • Bank & ATM
  • Mailboxes
  • Public Toilets
  • Public Beach Showers & Changing facilities
  • Umbrella & chair rentals
  • Shops/Vendors
  • Taxis


In The Gap there is also a Primary School and a Historic Barbadian Anglican Church, located at the western end of the strip. At the eastern end is a playing field which is the venue for a quite a few sporting activities and competitions.


  • St. Lawrence Bay Beach (a.k.a. Little Bay)
  • Dover Beach
  • Rainbow Beach / White Sands Beach
  • Turtle Beach

Other South Coast Beaches Close by

  • Worthing Beach / Sandy Beach
  • Rendezvous Beach
  • Maxwell Beach


As the liveliest Nightlife Strip in Barbados, The Gap by night offers the widest range of night-time activities and entertainment on the island.

  • Night Clubs with themed nights for dance the night away
  • Bars/Pubs for drinks and tropical cocktails
  • Fine dining at one of the many restaurants
  • Arcades/Slots for those who feel lucky
  • Live sports at one of the sports bars
  • Variety of Live entertainment

Entertainment, Places to go in St Lawrence Gap

  • Nightclubs playing Top 40 music (R&B, Rock, Alternative, Hip Hop, Rap, even 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s etc…)
  • Drinks free parties
  • Cultural floor shows
  • Steel pan musicians performing at Bars & hotels
  • Dance competitions (calypso, reggae, hip hop, etc…)
  • Live bands (young sexy entertainers playing a variety of music)
  • Themed nights (reggae nights, calypso nights, Latin nights, oldies and more)
  • Wild Themed Parties (Glow parties, shorts parties, foam parties, etc…)
  • Themed nights (Jazz nights, reggae nights, calypso nights, salsa nights, disco nights)
  • Themed Parties (Back-in-time parties, Oldies Goldies parties, salsa parties, etc…)
  • Bars (Karaoke, happy hours, drinks free, bar snacks specials, etc…)
  • Restaurants (fine dining, Budget dining, roadside food vendors, starter specials)

Night-time Recreation in The Gap

  • Dancing
  • Pool
  • Darts
  • Karaoke
  • Slots
  • Live

Night-time Amenities in The Gap

  •  ATM
  • Mailboxes
  • Roadside Vendors (Food, Jewellery & Souvenirs)
  • Taxis